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Assessment Validation Services

Ensuring a robust system

Validation is a quality review process that determines if your assessment system consistently confirms that each learner holds all the knowledge and skills described in the unit of competency.

On Site Validation Workshop

Coast Wide Training Solution’s on-site Validation Service is aimed at reviewing and improving (or implementing) the validation processes of your RTO to meet the Standards for RTOs 2015.

This service is conducted in two parts:

Part 1 – a theoretical component which reviews assessment systems, policies, procedures, plans, tools and templates relating to systematic validation (conducted remotely); and

Part 2 – a practical workshop delivered on your site where your existing training and assessment staff are engaged in a validation activity. This workshop is designed to develop the capabilities required for you and your staff to conduct ongoing effective validation activities. It is also used to implement new, or changes to, RTO policies and procedures.

You will receive:

  • An on-site Instructor led validation workshop reviewing completed units of competency with key personnel

  • A review of your existing validation processes and a report outlining the findings and recommendations for improvement. Includes pre-assessment validation

  • The Validation Pack from the QMS and a draft Validation Plan


Additional instructor led validation sessions can be requested at additional cost.

Remote Independent Validation

The Remote Validation program will independently review your existing assessment systems outside of your normal RTO operations, giving you the flexibility to continue your learning deliveries without the cost of losing your staff for the day.

The service consists of:

  • A review of your existing validation processes

  • Independent validation of the assessment system and units of competency assessment tools

  • A validation report will be provided outlining the findings and recommendations for improvement.