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RTO Administration Coaching Program

RTO Administration Coaching Program

Master the Essentials of RTO Administration for a Successful Career in VET


Enrol in our course to gain a comprehensive introduction to the essentials of RTO administration while developing a deeper understanding of the VET industry. Aligned with industry standards and best practices, this program will equip you with the skills to excel as an RTO Administrator.


Covering everything from managing student records to supporting compliance processes and ensuring smooth administrative operations, this eLearning course has it all!


Course Overview

This RTO Administration Coaching Program provides RTO Administration staff with a thorough understanding of the entire student journey from a compliance perspective. It covers key compliance areas related to student management and administration within the Australian VET sector.


Topics Covered

Our comprehensive RTO Administration Coaching program covers:


Module 1: Introduction and Understanding the Student Journey

  • Topic 1: Overview of RTO Compliance
  • Topic 2: Student Enrolment and Induction
  • Topic 3: Student Data Management
  • Topic 4: Supporting Diverse Learning Needs


Module 2: Key Aspects of the Student Journey

  • Topic 5: Training Delivery and Compliance
  • Topic 6: Assessment and Progress Monitoring
  • Topic 7: Financial Compliance and Student Fees
  • Topic 8: Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement


Module 3: Advanced Compliance and Student Completion

  • Topic 9: Managing Student Complaints and Appeals
  • Topic 10: Student Completion and Certification
  • Topic 11: Preparing for Audits and Compliance Reviews
  • Topic 12: Review and Future Planning


Why Enrol?

  • Enhanced Administrative Skills: Gain essential skills in managing student records, supporting compliance processes, and ensuring smooth administrative operations, which are critical for efficient RTO functioning.
  • Alignment with Industry Standards: Learn best practices and align your administrative procedures with industry standards, ensuring your RTO operates effectively and meets regulatory requirements.
  • Career Development: Enhance your professional qualifications and career prospects within the VET sector by mastering the key administrative skills that are highly valued in RTOs.