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Pre and Post Assessment Validation Services

Ensuring a robust system

Validation is the quality review process that determines whether the assessment decisions made are consistent and meet the specified outcomes of the qualification and/or units of competency. 

Engaging CWTS to work through this process for or with you ensures transparency and eliminates any biases ensuring the outcomes are fair to all students. 

These services can support your RTO to ensure the quality and accuracy of assessment processes and outcomes. Services include the validation of assessments before they are conducted (pre-assessment) and also to verify the fairness and reliability of assessment results afterward (post-assessment).

Validation Package

10 hours per month for as long as you need. This will allow us to get through a number of units each month with a selected sample of student assessment evidence.

  • Monthly retainer of 10 hours per month for ongoing validation activities. $2,000 (plus GST) 

We will: 

  • Review the RTOs Validation and Risk Register, update accordingly and select units for review. 

  • Review approximately 5 units* of competency and a selection of 5-10 student samples per unit. 

  • Record our review findings and provide the validation outcome report for you to retain and support your Validation and Risk schedule actions.

* The number of units will vary depending on the complexity of the unit requirements. 

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