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New RTO Establishment

Registration Guidance and Support

The thought of managing your RTO through a registration process can be daunting, but you are not alone!


This registration package, along with our compliance support, will provide you with everything you need to gain and maintain training company registration. 


Vocational education and training in Australia is vital for our economy. It provides our community with the opportunity to make a productive contribution to the national workforce through the acquisition of knowledge and practical skills. 

Every Registered Training Organisation (RTO) must comply with a set of mandatory requirements that aim to ensure training and assessment activities continue to be delivered to a high standard. 

When you apply for registration, expect a rigorous assessment that aims to ensure your organisation is fully prepared to start operating as an RTO and that it meets the Standards for RTOs. 


The Application Process 

It's important to note that the establishment of a new RTO can be a complex and time-consuming process. At CWTS, our experienced consultants can guide and support your journey through the maze of regulatory requirements.  

During your application to become a registered training organisation, CWTS supports your journey through a four (4) stage process.  

The education CWTS provides through these stages will support your RTO's ability to maintain compliant processes moving forward.

Stage 1 – Application Preparation 

  • Regulatory Compliance Workshop 

  • Full Quality Management System 

  • Program Development of qualifications 

  • Staff competency and professional development for assessors

Stage 2 – Application Submission 

  • Evidence collation and application submission

Stage 3 – Preparation for Site Audit 

  • Audit preparation workshop 

  • Assessment Validation 

  • Internal Audit against standards 

  • ASQA registration and audit support – on your site for the duration of the audit 

  • Rectification assistance following outcomes of ASQA audit

Stage 4 – Registration After Care 

  • A Compliance and Administration Support package for up to three months. 


The cost of establishing a new Registered Training Organisation (RTO) can vary significantly based on several factors, including the size and scope of the operation, the location, the type of training and assessment services offered, and the level of regulatory compliance required.

Registration Tips! 

  • Know the qualifications and the units of competency you wish to offer – and keep it modest 

  • Collect the necessary resources for each unit of competency 

  • Source the facilities required to deliver the qualifications (training rooms and/or online learning platform) 

  • Source the trainers and assessors who are prepared to deliver the qualifications. Prepare them by collecting their qualifications, licenses and resumes. 

  • Obtain the services of an independent and qualified accountant to help you commence the development of the Financial Viability Assessment. 

  • Follow the advice given and don’t take short cuts!


To receive an individualised quote, contact CWTS so we can assess the goals you want to achieve and the requirements to make them happen. We will provide you with a detailed budget plan (no hidden surprises) based on the information you provide us.

*Package excludes: Business Registration, AVETMISS compliance Student Management System, Website development and associated hosting, Independent and qualified Financial Accountant and Business advisor, Relevant Insurance policies, ASQA fees and charges. These can be sourced at an additional cost and implementation supported. 

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