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RTO Start-Up and Registration

Guidance and Support

Together, we will devise a package that suits your individual needs and you will be guided through the process from start to finish – or even longer!

The thought of managing your RTO through a registration process can be daunting, but you are not alone! This registration package, along with my compliance support, will provide you with everything you need to gain and maintain training company registration.

The registration process can be arduous, so it is suggested that you allow approximately six (6) months to prepare your registration application.

The Application Process

When Coast Wide Training Solutions support your application to become an RTO, you will undergo a four (4) stage process, with as much or as little support as you require. Your staff will be involved and will undergo professional development and training to ensure that, once registered, you can continue to maintain a compliant RTO.

Stage 1 – Application Preparation

Stage 2 – Application Submission

Stage 3 – Audit Preparation

Stage 4 – Registration After Care

Package Options

There are a two (2) Start-up packages to choose from, each will include the addition of three (3) qualifications. A customised pack can be provided on request by selecting individual services you require.

Stage 1 – Application Preparation

Stage 2 – Application Submission

  • Internal Audit against standards

  • Evidence collation and application submission


Stage 3 – Preparation for Site Audit

  • Audit preparation workshop

  • ASQA registration and audit support – on your site for the duration of the audit
  • Rectification assistance following outcomes of ASQA audit if required

Stage 4 – Registration After Care

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